Keep Your Stick on the Ice

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase "Keep your stick on the ice" has two meanings:
  • "First, be ready for anything. Hockey is fast and the difference in a one-goal game could be the result of your stick placement (applies to everyone, goalies included).
  • "Second, chill out; keep it simple. It can be easy to over-complicate things and to try too hard when you get into a slump. Don’t over-think it; just keep your stick on the ice and things will work themselves out."
  I only played ice hockey once as a child. I learned another meaning of the phrase.
  • "Keep your stick on the ice so you don't hit me in the shin again!"

In this current emergency, I think all three meanings apply. We have to be ready for anything. But we also have to chill out and not over-complicate things. And we have to look out for each other, even if we have to do it at a distance.

Our health system is doing what it can and the best thing the rest of us can do is follow their directives and let them get on with it. Hording toilet paper doesn't help. Stockpiling hand-sanitizer and face masks that are needed by front line health professionals is making the situation worse. And, though thankfully I've haven't heard much of this going on in Canada, buying up guns and ammunition, as if the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, is down right scary.

I like to believe that people are more good than bad and, even those of us who aren't as good as we could be, rise to the occasion in a crisis. I worry more about human stupidity than I do about anything else including COVID-19. Stupidity is highly contagious and often deadly, especially when combined with greed. If we could find a vaccination for that, it would help solve a lot of the world's problems including this latest emergency.

Wishing us all health and prosperity,


PS: I can handle staying at home. I'm getting almost professional in my hand washing. But I still have problems not touching my face. It's a work in progress.