Bad Hair Week

June 25

Decided I wanted to do something fun with my hair for the last day of school. I was in the store with my 20-something son and asked his advice.

"Pink?" I said, holding up a jar of hot pink hair mask. "It says it's vegan and fights animal cruelty."

"Purple is more your thing."

There were a couple of shades of purple to choose from. He suggested and I went for the darker one.

June 26

While my kids are playing some version of Mario on the Switch, I decided to dye my hair. When I'm using a semi-permanent dye to brighten up my natural mousiness and cover the silver in my hair that make me look like I have bald patches when it catches the light, I get my oldest son to help me. Since I was going for a funkier, streaky look, I went it alone.

The stuff comes in a jar with a security seal under the twist cap. I couldn't get a grip on it so I used my teeth. Now I had blue on my lips. I wiped it off, unworried because hair dyes often don't look…

Happy Birthday Dad!

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