Keep Your Stick on the Ice

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase "Keep your stick on the ice" has two meanings:
"First, be ready for anything. Hockey is fast and the difference in a one-goal game could be the result of your stick placement (applies to everyone, goalies included). "Second, chill out; keep it simple. It can be easy to over-complicate things and to try too hard when you get into a slump. Don’t over-think it; just keep your stick on the ice and things will work themselves out."   I only played ice hockey once as a child. I learned another meaning of the phrase.
"Keep your stick on the ice so you don't hit me in the shin again!"
In this current emergency, I think all three meanings apply. We have to be ready for anything. But we also have to chill out and not over-complicate things. And we have to look out for each other, even if we have to do it at a distance.

Our health system is doing what it can and the best thing the rest of us can do is follow the…

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