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We can save lives by staying home and following the health guidelines. But how do we stay sane?   Well, I was talking about this very subject with my good friend Melodie Campbell. We were on the phone, of course. These days we only get to see each other via Zoom. But that's okay because neither of us wants to be a COVID-19 statistic.    Melodie is the author of the bestselling Goddaughter series. The Goddaughter in Vegas has just been shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award. Her other job is teaching. Without further ado, I'll turn this over to her:   Got time on your hands?  CRAFTING A NOVEL at Sheridan College is ONLINE for this term only!  You can take it from anywhere in Canada.  Starts week of May 12. This is a 14 week writing bootcamp for people who are serious about writing popular novels.  We cover plot, conflict, viewpoint, characterization, motivation, dialogue, openings, endings, show not tell, weaving in backsto

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