Coffee and Characters

What does your coffee preference say about you?

I've read several articles on the subject and have come to the conclusion that your choice says about your depends on who is making a judgement call on your choice. Not that I was expecting any real psychological insight, any more than I do from the tests that determine which Hogwarts House I belong in (either Griffondor or Hufflepuff depending on the test).

All that being said, coffee is the beverage of choice for most of my characters. So what does their coffee preference say about them?

Pru Hartley is the character most like myself, at least in her coffee preferences. At the beginning of A Bodyguard to Remember, her neighbour brings her a vanilla latte, because that's what she drinks when they have coffee at Starbucks. When she's asked if she wants something from Tim Horton's, she orders an English Toffee Cappuccino (aka an ET Cap). This dates me and the book because you can't get that at Tim's any more. At ho…

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