Another Fresh Start

  I'm hanging out my shingle again. It's never been packed away, as such, just propped behind the door while I was too busy to take on freelance work.  To make sure I was ready to for the freelance market again, I took a few online courses through LinkedIn. I highly recommend the Universal Principles of Design . There's something there for everyone. Although, you may never ride an elevator again without counting the passengers first.   I'm happy to say that the design lessons specific to graphics and layout were familiar to me. I can bandy about a few terms and I didn't know before, but I probably won't.  In copy writing and editing, I promote myself as skilled in plain language and clear communication. I better walk the talk... or talk the talk. In other news, I have a Carmedy and Garrett Mystery scheduled for 2024 and a another book for 2025.  It's all very exciting and, like most fresh starts, just a wee bit daunting. Not the freelance work, the book dead

Romantic Suspense and a Proceedural too (sort of)

Mark Break Breakdown

Not My Baby Returns