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It started with an idea...
Take two traditionally published authors with book rights that have reverted to them. They want to keep the books out there, available to new readers.*
After all the trials and tribulations that Under A Texas Star went through (story available here at 2011/04/trail-to-under-texas-star-part-1.html), I wasn't about to let it go quietly into the abyss. One of the problems to overcome was that, even if I wanted it, the original cover wasn't available for me to use. I didn't really want to use is anyway because, as attractive as it was, it really didn't reflect the contents. I had several comments that the cover was misleading from people who were expecting a hot romance and didn't get it, or didn't want one and were pleasantly surprised.

The other issue was that I didn't want to self-publish alone. I've been a publisher, in partnership with my sister and a mutual friend, and we all brought different skills to the table. No one …

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