A Ringing Endorsement

  There is nothing like a ringing endorsement to cap your week. Thank you Hilary! I can't wait for our next project together.  I am so pleased to provide a recommendation for Alison Bruce. I have contracted Alison on numerous occasions when I was looking for help in co-creating and sharing knowledge as well as communicating key information in a compelling and different way. Alison can deliver more conventional products as well as truly avant guard. She has edited complex reports on a wide range of topics AND designed a Business Tarot Deck 20 years ago that I still use with my clients as it provides leadership insights we desperately need today. Alison has a unique lens on the world that allows her to capture and frame a wide range of content in new contexts that opens minds in a new way. One of her true gifts is her imagination, and this is one of the most critical domains we all nee

Editing Tools

Another Fresh Start

Romantic Suspense and a Proceedural too (sort of)