Not My Baby Returns

  Facebook suggested I share this link from 2019 so I thought I'd check it out since I couldn't remember what it was about. As it turns out, it's about me being quite insightful, I think. So, I'm rerunning the post. It's timely as I've been going through my forlorn Works In Progress with metaphorical pruning shears and, in some cases a leather gardening gloves to avoid the thorns. (Note that, I'm keeping in my unsolicited promotion of the CWC Awards of Excellence. It's that time of year.)   You'll often hear authors compare their books to their babies. I've done it myself. Recently I gave a new writer a piece of editing advice that put that notion out of my head. Think about the editorial process. Do we really want to compare that to parenting? When our kids are young we might cut their hair, but we don't rearrange their limbs or remove anything that can't grow back. We don't mark them up with red pen...although sometimes we

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