Rats Again!

2020 Year of the Rats...Fancy Rats

This weekend we made two additions to the household: Cola (black and white) and Milky (brown and white).

We had a family cat when the kids were babies. Georgette (named for Georgette Heyer) was my sister's cat but she let me borrow George on and off to handle our mouse problems. Joey had George while she was pregnant with her two children, I had George through both of my pregnancies. George then came to spend her twilight years with us. She was used to visiting both households and decided to stay with us. I think my sister's new puppy contributed to this decision.

When George died it wasn't practical for us to get a cat. The only time I wasn't allergic was when I was pregnant and I wasn't about to get pregnant again so my kids could have a cat. Instead, we tried a hamster.

Hamsters are not very social. Worse, Ronny was a biter. Still, we took care of him until he passed.

Next time we went pet shopping, we got talked into a rat. Ti…

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