Chocolate, Blogs, and New Year's Resolutions

Since starting this blog, I have been told there are three rules to blogging:
  • use short paragraphs; 
  • post regularly; 
  • always include pictures.
Blogs have been described to me as "eye candy". I don't buy into that as a blanket description, but it did inspire me to write about chocolate. For the eye, I took a photo of some of my Christmas loot. Then I ate some.


Did you know, over 180 million Cadbury's Creme Eggs are sold between January and Easter each year? The candy-covered eggs are so popular, Cadbury sells them year-round. (I got a bag in my Christmas stocking.)

 Some say Swiss chocolate is best (as you can see, I'm a fan of Lindt chocolate too) but it was the English that first popularized chocolate in solid form. Before that chocolate was consumed as a beverage.

Read a Regency Romance and your gentry will be taking cups of chocolate in the morning when we'd be having our second cup of coffee. (Coffee will be the subject of a future blog.)

Any chocoholic knows that the chocolate drinking habit started with the Aztecs who flavoured their drink with hot chilies. (This tastes better than you might expect.)

Chocolate has medicinal properties. It is an anti-depressant and anti-oxidant. Candy maybe dandy, liquor quicker, but you'll get better quality sex if you present your lady with really good chocolate. Just as Michele Bardsely's characters in her Broken Heart series. (I bought the series for my daughter for Christmas and wrapped up some Godiva chocolate with the books. Then I warned her that this better be the closest she gets to sex for a decade.)

That brings me to my New Years resolution: making this blog a weekly publication instead of a "when the mood strikes me" journal. I also promise pictures and relatively short paragraphs, trivia, reflections, and stuff about creativity -- mine and others.

Now I'll go have a piece of medicinal chocolate.