Hallowe'en Night Blahs

I've got those pumpkin-flavoured, midnight-coloured, Hallowe'en Night blahs.

Last night I dropped my daughter off at her best friend's for Hallowe'en. This morning I dropped my son at his best friend's. I have lots of work to do so this is a good thing, right?


Usually I love Hallowe'en. I dress up - or at least apply a little blood for the occasion. Not this year.

I would have been munching on treat-sized chocolate bars by now. This year I bought Double Bubble Gum. I just can't get into the spirit.

In my lay psychological opinion, I'm suffering from the inevitable separation anxiety that parents have to go through when their children no longer rely on them for their entertainment. I'm happy my kids have friends to hang out with  -- friends I don't have to worry about. That's a bonus. But I'm also a bit bummed out.

Maybe next year I'll put on my dead face and dripping blood to scare the next generation of kids.Or maybe I'll don my Starfleet uniform, pin my Captain's pips and communicator pin on and tell them to live long and prosper. Or I could pull out my wizard's garb and magic wand.

Tonight, I'll put a bowl of Double Bubble on the stoop and a sign on the door...