Under A Texas Star - The Cover


In the Cover Poll, Cover A led the race with 73% of the votes on this blog and maybe a little more when the emailed votes were tallied.

On my Facebook Page Cover B was a bit more popular for a while. "Well, it looks like I'm in the minority, so far. I liked "A"." said Sheila Dalton. Hilary Van Welter said: "B with a horse somewhere! Good omen!"
The horse was very popular with the "A" crowd too. "Got to have the horse in the shot. Love the covers!" said Peggy Blair. But sex appeal was also a driving factor. As Robin said, "Cover A - much more steamy - I want to dive in and let him push me up against the rock."

"Steamy" came up several time in the comments. Sherry Isaac also commented: "The red tells me this book is on fire! WOW." I hope this means that Under A Texas Star will be a hot seller.

 My thanks to everyone who responded. Though April 15 was the designated decision day, I can't wait any longer.

The envelope, please...

And the winner is...