Meeting Deadlines

Come Hell or High Water

My life seems to be defined by deadlines these days. From me: "Send me your author events by..." "I need your book cover by.." To me: "We need to get this sent out by..." "The printer needs this by... " and the latest "Get your guest blog to me by..."

I'm not complaining. My head might be spinning as I try to figure out how to juggle everything, but no complaints. I love being a writer/editor/designer/administrator, even if I do suffer from multiple personality issues some days.

Deadlines are useful. For instance, if I had set a firm date for getting my car serviced, I wouldn't be getting my winter tires switched out at the end of May. I get the Crime Writers of Canada publications out on schedule and meet the deadlines of my publisher. Maybe the laundry and dishes would get done on time if I imposed a time limit.

Or not.

My catch phrase for impending deadlines is "Come Hell or high water, I'll get it done." Somehow, I have a feeling if I tried applying it to household chores, I'd happily let the laundry go to Hell and let the dishes soak in the high water.

Next week "On the Virtual Trail with Under A Texas Star" with a guide to the blogs on the trail. I'll have it all organized in time for my regular blog... come Hell or high water.

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