The Trail to Under A Texas Star - Part 4

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 Confessions of a Newly Published Author

Getting a publisher was the beginning of a new set of adventures. Fortunately, everyone at Imajin Books has been a joy to work with. This isn't always the case with new authors - or even well-established ones. In fact, getting published is a bit like getting pregnant. The moment people find out, you start hearing the horror stories.

First book and first baby are alike in other ways. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was worried about doing the right thing all the time. Everything I learned from observing my sister and taking care of my nieces seemed to go out the window. It was only when I heard my own lessons repeated back to me that I accepted that I wasn't as much of a novice as I thought.

I have had short fiction and articles published before. I've been in two anthologies. Heck, I used to be a micro-publisher (Women's Work). Not to mention I've been publicizing other authors' books and events on the Crime Writers of Canada website. But, just as with babies, it's a whole other level when it's your own.

So, if I get a little over-enthusiastic, or start gushing about how my book is doing, forgive me. Think of me as a new mother.

Under A Texas Star
by Alison Bruce, Imajin Books, May 2010
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