Write What You Know


There are three way to "know" something (setting aside the biblical sense). You can know by past experience - been there, done that. You can know by research  - I read that somewhere. And you can know by experimentation.

Here are the results of my latest experiment.

I've been invited to do a guest blog for Authors and Appetizers. This is a natural fit for me as I often combine exposition with meals in my books. (That comes under the heading of knowing from past experience; all our family's important discussions happen around the dining room table.) Since Under A Texas Star takes place in Texas, TexMex food seemed like a good idea. I cook a mean chili con carne, regularly make quesadillas, burritos and tacos - favourites of my kids - but I don't use a recipe. My dishes never taste the same way twice.

I thought I better do some kitchen testing to get an idea about proportions. Here is a recipe you won't see on Authors and Appetizers.

Salsa Fresca Con Queso

Day 1
  1. Look in the cupboard and realize you don't have any of the herbs and spices you need.
  2. Go shopping. While browsing in the bulk spices, get this brilliant idea for a barbeque blend that satisfies the food allergies of all your family and friends.
  3. Buy enough bulk spices to last a year.
  4. Decide you're going to do it all by scratch, so you pick up a few fresh tomatoes instead of a large can of crushed tomatoes.
  5. Buy Key Limes because they are so small and cute.
  6. Pick up a couple of Jalapeno peppers
  7. Set everything aside because you're too tired to tackle cooking after doing the grocery shopping

Day 2
  1. While making up your brilliant barbeque spice, throw handfuls of coarse salt, mixed peppercorns, crushed chili peppers, crystal sugar and herbs to taste in a bowl with too few tomatoes. (Completely forget about the Jalapenos - which turns out just as well.)
  2. Squeeze the juice out of three Key Limes because they are so tiny
  3. Crush the ingredients and realize you should have pulverized the peppercorns first
  4. Pull out the hand blender and pulverize everything
  5. Taste
  6. Drink a full glass of milk to rescue mouth
  7. Add some more sugar
  8. Taste
  9. Drink a full glass of milk to rescue mouth
  10. Pull out the package of cream cheese that you were going to use for something else and blend it into the mixture
  11. Taste
  12. Add the half tub of spreadable cream cheese that's left from your son's bagel and cream cheese breakfast, blend. No point tasting; your taste buds are fried.
  13. Put in closed container and refrigerate over night.

Day 3
  1. Tell everyone you meant to make Salsa Con Queso all along
  2. Serve with nachos.(It tasted great.)

To find out what recipe will be in Authors and Appetizers, check out the blog in the second week in June. Check back here for the exact date.

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