Under A Texas Star - Character Sketches

Texas Ranger Jase Strachan

Thanks to the beautiful cover that Jennifer Johnson designed, romance model Jimmy Thomas will be the image of Jase Strachan.

Of course, the real Jase (did I just call a character real?) won't look so clean clean-shaven on the trail. Marly notices the difference and bath and visit to the barber make.
"His beard was flecked with gray, which made him seem older. Clean, shaved, with his hair and moustache neatly trimmed, he now looked what he was, a man of thirty. Years had literally been washed away."
We won't get into the gritty realism of tan-lines and crows feet - the result of spending most of your daylight hours in the saddle.

After reading my first draft, an artist friend of mine did a character sketch of Jase Strachan. I dug it out expecting a world of difference between the old drawing and the new cover.

The sketch is whiskered and weathered but otherwise the two Jase Strachans are remarkable similar - especially when you consider that there are twenty years between the two pieces of art.

The beauty of books is that every reader can make their own mental sketch of the characters. Jen, Jimmy and (I kid you not) John have helped define my picture of Jase. It doesn't get more alliterate than that.

Character Sketch: Marly Landers

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Under A Texas Star is now available in paperback for $14.99 on Amazon.com. It will be available on Amazon.ca and other online booksellers soon.

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  1. Maybe I'll try my hand at a romance! You've inspired me, Alison! I agree, a liberal arts education prepares one to think, i.e. write, even if one keeps one's mind on the lecture at hand rather than penning a novel. I'd love to read one of your fantasies as that's sort of the genre I've been trying to get published. And Jase looks so hot, Alison! Very good. Did you see my review? I'd be happy to post it here.

  2. Alison Bruce has crafted a steamy tale of the old West that takes us out of the ordinary and into a rollicking world of romance and adventure. As a young woman who masquerades as a boy, the plucky Marly's identity is finally revealed as she finds true love with stand-up guy Texas Ranger Jase Strachan. Highly recommended.

  3. Kenna,you've just reminded me, I have to put up my Quote of the Week and I was going to use yours.

  4. Sounds pretty nice, actually. I'm not into this kind of books, but the story got me a little. Will check it out, thanks!

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