The Family Business

Pictured left is the t-shirt my daughter Kate wanted to get made when Canadian Voices Volume 1 was published. I might actually have gone for it if we had the spare cash.

Sam, my son, offered to go door-to-door. I didn't allow that either, but I did let him take the book into school. He sold two copies.

When Under A Texas Star was released in eBook format, he took my postcards to school to hand out to teachers. His idea, not mine. Kate is at high school now and doesn't have that kind of relationship with her teachers - so she hit up her bf's mother instead - and her bf.

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed by the amount of marketing an author has to do these days, I remember my children and know that I'm not alone. This is a family business.

It's not just Kate and Sam. My nieces Sophie and Claire are part of my support system. Nor is it just book promotion that they help with. Many's the dinner that has been prepared by Kate or Sophie when I've been working to a deadline - or just on a roll. All show great patience when I use them as a sounding board or need to have questions repeated because my mind is elsewhere.

There are days when I'm convinced I'm getting no where  - "nobody likes me, everybody hates me...". Seeing Under A Texas Star on my bookshelf helps. I'm not just a published writer (been that for a couple of decades now), I'm a novelist. More than that, I'm a novelist with a Lego cowboy holding a Brickarms Colt Navy revolver, thanks to my son.

I've been the administrative manager of the Arthur Ellis Awards for a couple of years now. That is also a family enterprise. Sam helps with the hefting and unpacking of boxes. Kate is an able admin assist. Checklists are always easier with a second person helping.

I bring this up because both of them have asked if I'll enter my work in the contest. So far I've said no, partly because I am administering the contest. This was fine until Sam saw an Arthur in person. He loved the  hanged man and wanted me to have one. For my birthday he came up with the next best thing...

I love my family!