Deadly Legacy

One More Landmark on the Horizon

It's official. The title of my next book is Deadly Legacy. As I write this, the cover is under construction. No, the image to the side isn't it. I just can't help playing around with graphics.

While Jennifer Johnson, the cover artist who worked her magic for Under A Texas Star, creates, I have another landmark achieve. It's time to do the back cover blurb.Somebody tell me why writing a novel seem easier than condensing it down to three paragraphs that will convince a reader to buy your book.

Well, it isn't going to write itself, so if you'll excuse me...


  1. I feel your pain, Ali! Being verbose is so much more natural for me than being short and sweet. Mostly because I'm not that short and I'm certainly not sweet. Plus the selling part is SOOOO hard!!!! Wish we could just sit around writing, long and windy writing.


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