Countdown to Christmas 9

On the ninth day of Christmas....

On the ninth day of Christmas My True Love gave to me
Nine ladies waiting...

It was time to get proactive. When my ex showed up, trying to wheedle me into dropping charges and testifying on his behalf as a character witness (I'd already agreed to do that for the Crown Prostecutor) he was greeted by eight women from my gym.Just so we couldn't be accused of trying to threaten him, we were doing synchronized barbell reps in my back yard.  (The front lawn was still a bit wiffy from the manure dump.)

He didn't stay long.

That evening I received a package from England, scheduled to be delivered December 20. It contain nine Royal Doulton figures form the "Pretty Lady" collection. He must have thought this one out months ago. They made nice gifts for my Ladies in Weighting.


  1. Too busy making Xmas pudding with rum sauce, and got in late. Nice play on that. At least your "ex" was thoughtful; isn't it nice to know he thinks of you so frequently (revenge based or not)? LOL

  2. Glad you were late cause I was too. Trying to get over a bad cold by Christmas. I could really use some of that rum sauce. Bet it would make a great Rum Latte.


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