Buns of Steel and other meanderings

I was going to start this post off with "Back in the saddle again..."

My laptop has been in the shop and I've only been doing what absolutely has to get done (like the final run through Deadly Legacy) because I've had to work on the family computer.

Then I would have shared my trials and tribulations because "misery loves company."

Been there, done that to death in emails to friends, family and clients. Instead, I'm going to tell you about my buns of steel.

Some people grind their teeth in their sleep. I seem to grind my buttocks. It's the only explanation I have for waking up feeling like I've done a marathon of glute-crunches. I especially get it when I have a lot to worry about -- like catching up on all the work I can only do on my laptop. Or when I'm feeling a bit guilty -- like when I play Animal Crossing for a couple of hours when I'm supposed to be catching up on all that work.

Unlike teeth grinding, butt grinding has an upside. I'm developing great muscles down there. They offset the "Bruce bottom" which, no doubt inspired the bustle in it's day. Nor do I rely on stress dreams to maintain tone. I can butt crunch while working at the computer (which better stay in shape for at least another year) or while playing Animal Crossing.