Deadly Legacy

Guide to Getting Published

I don't have a guaranteed formula for getting published beyond self-publishing... and that's not as easy as it sounds either.

Other than having a readable book and getting lucky, here are a few tips I shared with an unpublished author. He found them helpful.
  • Establish a social media platform. If you don't have a blog or website, get one. Make Facebook your friend and Twitter your best buddy. Publishers expect you to have these things in place.
  • Enter contests - especially ones where you can get some feedback. Write short stories. Get your name out there.
  • Write reviews for other authors. Network with the people you want to be your peers. Join organizations that will help you write better and market your book.
  • Hope that your fellow authors don't sign with the same publisher as you.
Okay, that last one isn't entirely serious. For the most part, knowing, or getting to know my fellow Imajin authors has been a joy and mutual benefit. However, for good reason, we can't review or blurb each other. That means I can't use the following for Deadly Legacy,coming in April from Imajin Books.
"Bruce delivers a shocking surprise at the very beginning of her novel and the action only ramps up from there. The characters are credible, likeable people who make the reader want more. An excellent read!"
- Catherine Astolfo, author of the Emily Taylor mysteries. 

On the other hand, I can recommend you check out the Emily Taylor mysteries being re-released on Kindle.