Deadly Legacy Free Today

Even in the future, the past can kill you.

In 2018, rookie detective, Kate Garrett lives in the shadow of her near-legendary father Joe. When Joe dies unexpectedly, he leaves Kate half interest in Garrett Investigations, his last case that ties to three murders, a partner she can’t stand, and a legacy to live up to.

Free on Kindle from May 1-3, 2012

Okay, now that I've got the news out, let me tell you about my incredibly blonde moment.

Scroll down and you can read about my adventures filing my taxes. In most other respects, I'm responsible adult. I just have a blind spot when it comes to taxes. I'm as bad as my eleven-year-old son and homework.

Evidently, I'm also chronologically impaired. Despite knowing that Monday was April 30th, the deadline for taxes, I thought May 1 was Friday and my book promotion went from Friday to Sunday. I found out my mistake when I saw Deadly Legacy being promoted by someone else!

Yes, I am a natural blonde (albeit kinda reddish-brown blonde right now). Today I did something I hate to do - I perpetuated the stereotype.

Forgive me fellow blondies.