Men in Uniform

I have a soft spot for a man in uniform. Just ask my children.

When we were on holiday, I took a wrong turn and ended up on CFB Meaford. I hate having to double back, so I stopped and asked a sergeant if the road was a thoroughfare.

"Ma'am, if you continue up that road, you'll be in the middle of the firing range."

"Not a good place to take the family then," I said.

He jangled his keys. "Not unless you want to borrow a tank."

Tall, good-looking, sense of humour... of course I flirted a little. Okay, maybe I had a silly grin on my face when I climbed back into the family van, but he flirted back.

"It was research," I told the kids.

They didn't believe it for a instant.

Now I can't stop a cop on the street to ask for information without getting teased by my daughter and nieces. My son is more indulgent. After all, now he's a man in uniform -- and a musician to boot.

I must never let the girls see what I'm like around piano players.