August is for Authors

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The story so far...

"What does every self-respecting amateur detective need? A sidekick." - Cynthia St-Pierre

"Most writers will tell you that they can’t not write. I know. Double negative. But it’s true. We can’t just stop writing." - Chris Redding

"Keeping all the clues straight requires an entire box of cue cards. Or a night’s worth of napkins from the pub. Or writing on the wall with washable markers. (Those were washable, right?)" - Catherine Astolfo
"Hardly anyone knows about Asenath, the Egyptian priestess who married Joseph the dreamer. Thus when writing my novel on her, I felt free to stretch my imagination to no end." - Anna Patricio

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Deadly Legacy: "Deadly Legacy is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Characters are compelling, especially Kate Garrett. Suspense and intrigue are maintained throughout leading to a very satisfactory ending. Enjoy"
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Other stuff going on in August at Imajin Books

1. Meet the talented authors at Imajin Books. Check out the blogs and ask our authors questions.
2. Twitter Party - for three days in August 15-17 Follow us at
3. 'Share the Imajin Books Buzz' contest  - see the website for details