Labour Day Tribute to Mothers

I spent the better part of today transferring my desktop computer to my son.

This was partly self-serving. I use my laptop more and he was taking over my office. Now I get my desk back.

Regardless, the task required more than two hours of backing up and stripping files (just in case there was something important or confidential left there) and another two hours of fiddling with the new wireless router. (My desktop wasn't built wireless.)

Now Sam can work at his own desk. Of course, when I say work, I really mean play Minecraft and keep in constant communication with his friends.

My desk is a disaster area.

Then I remembered that it was Labour Day. I won't say it's the last day of my holidays, because I worked most of the summer, but it is the last day before my crossing guard job starts up for another year. I don't mind the work, but I miss the lack of routine that summer brings.

Labour Day made me think of the Labours of Heracles - or Hercules if you prefer - immortalized in legend and crockery. Personally, I think Herk had it easy compared to parents.

Heracles fought the Nemean Lion - once. Parents fight to get their kids out of bed every school day.

The Hydra stuns. The hydro bill petrifies.

The Hind was a challenge - but how many behinds does a mother clean up after?

Is it harder to kill the Boar or get your kids to eat it when it's put on a plate? My fall-back has always been: "Let them eat peanut butter."

Cleaning the Augean Stables can't have been worse that trying to keep the dining room table clear so you can use it for its intended purpose.

Finally, if you want a lot of bull, forget Crete. Listen to your teenager talk herself out of the door.

Labour Day was created to celebrate industrial workers. Let us also celebrate the efforts of parents everywhere and the Labours of Motherhood.