And the Liebster Award goes to...

When Gail Baugniet nominated me for a Leibster Award, the first think I did was look up the word. It's German for "physical edge" - which I take as loosely meaning "cutting edge" which is very cool.

Gail has asked her 11 recipients 11 questions and since I love answering questions, I'm game to keep the Leibster going. Here we go...

1. As a writer, do your male characters more often resemble Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?
In character, Tom Hanks for sure. I love Tom Hanks! In looks, I start with a face that I've seen and liked and play with it until my hero is his own man.

2. For the majority of the novels you read, do you prefer the print or ebook format?
Print! I love my eReader for convenience but I still do most of my reading between the covers. (Take that as you will.)

3. If your latest novel were made into a screenplay, would your story be best served by hiring director Steven Spielberg or Ang Lee?
Probably Spielberg but honestly, I'd really want Joss Whedon.

4. Knowing you must travel to the location for research, where would you set your next story?
I'd pick new Zealand - but only if someone else was footing the bill. I'd take the family and we'd visit the locations used in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We'd visit San Fransciso going and Vancouver returning - or vice versa - and I'd want to stop over in Hawaii for a couple of days too. If I'm footing the bill, the next story will be set in Muskoka.

5. Is sending a written letter via the postal service a thing of your past?
Mostly. Part of it is the convenience of email. Mostly though, my hand writing sucks.

6. For 50% of the DVDs you rent or buy, what is the genre?
If you lump in supernatural and superhero with SF, that's the genre we buy most. I'm a Trekkie who used to manage a comic book store. At one time we had three generations of the family reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and we're all Buffy fans.

7. Would you walk a mile for an ice cream cone or reach for an apple in the refrigerator?
I'd walk a mile for a coffee and reach for an olive in the refrigerator.

8. What is your favorite part of attending a carnival?
Watching people.

9. Most tempting: Banana Split or Hot Fudge Sundae?
Hot fudge sundae.

10. Do you buy gifts for others that you would like to receive?
My daughter and I buy each other presents we both want. For Christmas, she bought me the Merlin Season 4 and I bought her Supernatural Season 7. For everyone else, I get them what I think they'd like.

11. What is your current or next WIP about?
I'm working on an American Civil War romance. (You can tell I'm not American by the fact that I specify American Civil War.) I'm also completing the sequel to DEADLY LEGACY. Both are also Christmas stories. Nothing like murder and mayhem to liven up the holiday season.

The next step is for me to pick 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions. I realize that not all of them will have time to carry the torch onward, but I've picked people worth checking out for their own sake.

Catherine Astolfo
Anthony Bidulka
Melodie Campbell
Cheryl Kaye Tardif

And now for the questions...

  1. What beverage is absolutely essential for you to have by your side when writing?
  2. How important is romance to your storylines?
  3. Research first, during or after the first draft?
  4. How much do you edit as you go along?
  5. Mystery or thriller? What do you prefer reading and what do you prefer writing?
  6. Adventure or romance?
  7. Do you primarily read the genre you write?
  8. If you had to pitch one of your stories to a TV producer for a series, which one would you pick?
  9. If it got picked up, who would you cast in the leads?
  10. Would you want to be on set for filming?
  11. You've been nominated for an award for your new series. Who would you thank when you won?