Enter the Snake

2013 The Year of the Snake

The Snake is associated with knowledge: forbidden knowledge, in the case of the Serpent in the Garden; medical knowledge, healing and protection in Greek and Indian mythology; and ancient wisdom in East Asian culture.Cunning, cleverness and powers of communication are associated with people born under the influence of the Snake.

In the Year of the Snake, we can look forward to breakthroughs in research, especially in the areas of communication and health. Since the Snake is less aggressive than the Dragon, and prefers the smoother path, we can also hope for more diplomatic solutions and less military brinkmanship. The economy should improve, particularly in areas of communication, entertainment, publishing, education and engineering.

While each year has certain characteristics depending on its sign, how we fare as individuals depends on what our signs are. Master Tsai Astrology has a birth sign calculator and can tell your year, month, day and hour signs. I don't pretend to fully understand how these signs interconnect, but I did find it interesting to discover that three out of four of my signs are modified by the element Earth. (I guess that makes me grounded.) My day sign is the Rat, which is the same as my daughter's year. My daughter was born in the hour of the Dog, which is my year.

Here's the thumbnail version of how the signs will do in the Year of the Snake.
  • Rat should hide their assets from people who envy them.
  • The Ox people will fare well if they keep their temper.
  • Slow and steady year ahead for the Tigers.
  • Lucky year for the Rabbit.
  • Dragons will have just enough excitement, no more.
  • Memorable year for the Snakes.
  • Horses will have a crazy year for love.
  • Goats rise in stature, but their luck is erratic.
  • Monkeys must exercise.
  • Roosters take centre stage.
  • Dogs have an easier year and may find love.
  • Pigs have a turbulent but potentially very successful year.
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