Deadly Dozen Redux

Have you ever looked at a book title and imagined what it might be about without looking at the blurb and finding out? Fifty Shades of Grey, for instance, might be a how-to book about decorating executive offices.

How about looking at twelve titles and making them into one story?

Bob The Bridgeman sat in his booth taking tolls all day. Between cars, he worked on his Sociology essay on the Deadly Legacy of imperialism on third world economies.

He was just composing a brilliant closing line to his introduction when he was interrupted by a text message from his sister. She had just found A Purse to Die for and could he lend her a hundred bucks.

Train of thought derailed, Bob turned his attention to Cheat the Hangman, a role playing game he was developing with his college roommate. They had their steam punk world all worked out, but were having problems with A Human Element, their main non-player character: Lakota Honor.

Suddenly a pickup truck ran the toll gate. Bob speed dialed the OPP and took note of what details he could see. It was a late model, white Chevy Silverado with a Pelican Bay logo painted on the side. That was the resort down the road on Safe Harbor.

A moment later, a black Ford Explorer came through, lights flashing. When he got through to the dispatcher, he was able to tell her that a police vehicle was already in pursuit.

"What is it about that bridge that attracts so much trouble?" Bob asked. "I'm beginning to think you arrange for these incidents to happen when I'm on shift so you can talk to me."

The dispatcher huffed. "That's a fine thing to say on a call that's being recorded. You're going to get me fired or worse. I'll be here today and just Soul and Shadow tomorrow."

"I was just joking. Joking is one of the Innocent Little Crimes."

"Say that when you joke your way into the Room of Tears."

"Does this mean you won't go out with me Saturday night?"

"Only with Divine Intervention."

Reviews for the books in Deadly Dozen:

"You won't catch your breath until the last page [of The Bridgeman] turns."--Lou Allin, author of She Felt No Pain

"Deadly Legacy grips your attention from the first page...a treat for the senses." --Garry Ryan, award-winning author of Malabarista

"[A Purse to Die For has a] page-turning pace, fascinating characters, sly wit, and a plot that will keep you guessing." --Janet Bolin, Agatha-nominated author of Dire Threads

"Cheat the Hangman is a refreshing and chilling paranormal mystery you won't want to miss." ―Jeff Bennington, author of Reunion

"A Human Element is an elegant and haunting first novel. Unrelenting, devious but full of heart. Highly recommended." --Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Code Zero

"Transport back to the old west with this paranormal historical [Lakota Honor], and its alpha hero, and a heroine hiding her secret talents." --Shannon Donnelly, author of the Mackenzie Solomon Urban Fantasy series

"Christiansen offers a tale sure to entrance readers--a story of love and wisdom and the mystery of a forgotten graveyard under the waters of Pelican Bay." --Man Martin, author of Paradise Dogs

"[Safe Harbor] offers a coherent structure, an exact feel for the Toronto locales, and, in Pat, a hugely attractive sleuth figure." --Toronto Star
"Soul and Shadow is a deep and complex tale of deceit, danger and love. Well plotted and extremely engrossing that I couldn't put it down." --Romance Junkies

"Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold in this fast-paced, thrilling story...[Innocent Little Crimes is] a page-turning thrill-ride that will have readers holding their breath the whole way through." --Publishers Weekly

"[Room of Tears is] a beautiful and gut wrenching story...Miss Merlino weaves a flawless tale that will have you sobbing by the end of the book." --#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken, author of The Bet

"Great imagination, fabulous imagery...This chilling page-turner [Divine Intervention] is a genuine Canadian crime novel...Tardif gives her readers plenty of twists and turns before reaching a satisfying ending." --Midwest Book Review