Looking for Few Good Reviews

Looking for a couple of good reads? Here are a couple of Goodreads reviews I've recently posted.

Give Me ShelterGive Me Shelter by Alexis D. Craig

If you haven't read Lady Chatterley's Lover yet, you will want to pick it up at your local library or book store after reading Give Me Shelter. Alexis Craig uses the book as the nexus between an old love affair, a forbidden love affair and the love between two people afraid to risk their partnership with romance. If more romance novelists used a classic book to both comment on and kindle steamy romance, as Craig does, there would be less complaints from students completing their mandatory English classes.

Deputy US Marshal Eli Miller is bowled over by the underage charge of his partner, Bex Mulcahy. Violet is hauntingly like his first great love and greatest loss, Zoe. It opens an old wound despite the fact that Eli is now in love with Bex. At least he's better at hiding his feelings than rookie agent Atticus Randall, who practically trips over himself when he meets Violet. New relationship develop while Violet is prepped for court, with Eli and Zoe's romance and passages from Lady Chatterley's Lover underscoring the action.

This is a steamy romantic suspense.

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The Artful Goddaughter (Gina Gallo, #3)The Artful Goddaughter by Melodie Campbell

I've been following the Goddaughter's adventures from the beginning and each one makes me long for the next. This isn't the kind of series that requires the reader to start from the beginning, however. The Goddaughter books are more like chips. You won't want to stop at one.

The Artful Goddaughter finds Gina cleaning up after her family's messes once again, but this time with a big inheritance at stake. If you're a fan of screwball comedy, you'll love it.

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