Melodie Campbell is at Land's End

Melodie Campbell’s Land’s End Trilogy is currently in the Top 50 ALL Books on Amazon! Here’s why she writes that series:

Confessions of a Literary Slut

(“Outlander meets Sex and the City” or Why I Write Wacky Time Travel in addition to respectable crime)
By Melodie Campbell

I am best known as a writer of comic crime capers, and in particular The Goddaughter series (Orca Books). However, I also have a second life as an author of racy fantasy…the sort of thing that has been called “The Princess Bride with Sex.”

Why? Why would a moderately respectable crime author swap genres and write a wacky time travel series, set in Arizona and Alternate-world Great Britain?

1. I like Arizona. Especially in winter. You can fly nonstop there from Toronto.

(Whoops – delete, delete. Of course, the real reason for using Arizona is I believe in accuracy of setting and doing research, which I take great pains to do once each year in February.)

2. I like Great Britain. And I like to be accurate. But you can’t travel to medieval Great Britain right now, at least not on WestJet. (WHY doesn’t someone invent a cheap time travel airline?) So I can’t be accurate, which bugs me a lot. But I can be silly, which is almost as good. Hence, Alt-world.

3. My cousin Tony’s family, the Clegg-Hills, used to own a Norman castle in Shropshire. Unfortunately it burned down in 1556. Damned careless of them. I had to make up what it would look like from family stories, which are probably dubious at best, and vaguely criminal, on reflection. Also, I hate being sued. Hence, Alt-world.

4. Fessing up, here. I actually didn’t mean to write funny time travel. I meant to write a serious whodunit that would get the respect of the Can-Lit crowd, and the more erudite members of Crime Writers of Canada. This ‘veering from plan’ is becoming a nuisance. Next book, for sure, will be a serious whodunit. Okay, maybe a whodunit. Okay, maybe a book.

5. Okay, I lied. The serious whodunit turned into a wacky mob comedy series that has won a Derringer and an Arthur. Still no respect from the Can-Lit crowd. So I might as well go back to writing wacky time travel.

Why? ‘Cause it’s a hell of a lot of fun being a literary slut.

Melodie's bestselling Land's End Trilogy ("OUTLANDER meets SEX AND THE CITY" Vine review) is on sale for a ridiculous 99cents this week! If you were ever curious about her 'other life'...'nuf said.

"I love this trilogy and am excited to have all three books together. Rowena is an independent woman with a LOAD of curiosity. I really enjoy reading about the adventures she partakes and the characters she meets along the way. So worth the read and for just $.99? A steal!"
Amazon Review

I laughed at Rowena's escapades, her magic induced lack of control, and the fight that kept her alive. Adventure, romance, magic, and humor. Melodie Campbell's exceptionally original writing packs a walloping punch on every page!
Amazon Review