Valentine Shorts Strikes Again

It all starts Monday February 9

Hard to believe, but this is the third annual Valentine Shorts. This year I missed the Holiday Shorts - my son had a concussion - but since 2012, there have been short-short stories presented at Christmas, Valentine's and Summer.

I would like to:

A Thank past contributors:
  • Cathy Astolfo
  • Morgen Bailey
  • Annamarie Bazzi
  • Pamela Blance
  • Danita Cahill
  • Lorrie Farrelly
  • Gloria Ferris
  • Kat Flannery
  • Lyn Horner
  • Susan Horsnell
  • Liz Lindsay
  • Kenna McKinnon
  • Kevin Thornton
  • Rain Trueax
B Welcome a new contributor: Ginger Simpson, AND

C  Apologize to Rob Brunet if he didn't receive my invitation to participate. (If you did receive it, Rob, you can ignore that part.)

Summer Shorts will be back, life willing. The deadline for submissions is July 1. If you are interested, please let me know sometime in June. Betwixt now and then my brain will be crammed with all things Arthur Ellis Awards, CWC and my current WIP.