A Holiday Short

Twas the week before Christmas
And at the North Pole
Santa's fitness regime
Was taking it's toll

Saint Nicolas was cutting out
Cookies and cake
Ms Claus was down with it
She had less to bake

And all the privations
They put on themselves
Were extended, by Santa,
To all of the elves

But the hard work they put in
Throughout the year
Kept the elves in shape
Without exercise gear.

They didn't need fitness plans
Or the Atkinson diet
But if Santa kept this up
They'd be starting a riot.

Twas Rudolf that thought
Of a quite clever plot
For getting the goodies
Without getting caught

While Dasher and Dancer put
Santa through his paces
The elves buckled up
And it was off to the races

With the rest of the reindeer
They took Santa's sleigh
To buy pepperkaker at a
Bakery in Norway

Then they hit Danish and
Fine French bakers
Made a stop in Pennsylvania
And bought cookies from Quakers

When Santa was panting
Hardly able to speak
They returned with enough bake goods
To last them a week.

Of course Santa knew
But not one bit did he seize
For he knew Christmas Eve
He'd get all the goodies


  1. Cute, Alison, thanks for this. I am starting chocolate bliss. The meter is off a bit but so am I...and this cheered me up like a chocolate hit, so to all a good Christmas and turkey and pie.

  2. Having diabetes puts a damper on things but I take a bite now and then. Thanks for the holiday cheer.

    1. The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
      While visions of sugar-free treats danced in their heads;

      It messes up the cadence a bit but it keeps the blood sugar level.


  3. Love it! So cute! You are so talented! - Claire

  4. Next up the Alison Bruce chapbook?
    Nicely done.

    1. Thanks Kevin! I couldn't get my act together to do Holiday Shorts but I couldn't skip it entirely.

  5. Lovely blog thanks for taking the time to share this


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