What have I forgotten?

On the evening of April 21, the Arthur Ellis Shortlists will be announced. As I write this, it's two sleeps and many checklists away.

There's the media checklist, the presenter checklist, and the I am an author doing a reading checklist. Then there's the everyday work checklists because not everything is about the Arthurs.

Add getting a hair cut to one of the lists. And I mustn't forget I have an appointment with the kiniseologist... kineiseo... the guy who makes sure I exercise properly.

Oh, and there was something else. I wrote it down somewhere. What was it?

Of course...

Imajin Books is having a big sale. 
  • All single titles will be on for $0.99
  • Trilogy bundles will be $1.99 (and a couple of longer books)
  • Other bundles & anthologies will be $2.99