The Arthur Results are in and...

I am still a Finalist.

There's no shame in being a Finalist. I am in good company... such good company that I'm going to include them as well as the Winners.

Best Novel
  • Peggy Blair, Hungry Ghosts, Simon & Schuster
  • Andrew Hunt, A Killing in Zion, Minotaur Books
  • Peter Kirby, Open Season, Linda Leith Publishing
  • Inger Ash Wolfe, The Night Bell, McClelland & Stewart
Best First Novel
  • J. Mark Collins, Hard Drive, iUniverse
  • David Hood, What Kills Good Men, Vagrant Press
  • Ausma Zehanat Khan, The Unquiet Dead, Minotaur Books
  • Alexis Koetting, Encore, Five Star
  • Brian R. Lindsay, Old Bones, Volumes Publishing
Best Novella
  • Jeremy Bates, Black Canyon, Dark Hearts, Ghillinnein Books
  • Alison Bruce, Deadly Season, Imajin Books
  • M.H. Callway, Glow Glass, Carrick Publishing
  • Barbara Fradkin, The Night Thief, Orca Book Publishers
  • Brian Harvey, Beethoven’s Tenth, Orca Book Publishers
Best Short Story
  • Karen Abrahamson, With One Shoe, Playground of Lost Toys, Exile Editions
  • Hilary Davidson, The Seige, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • Sharon Hunt, The Water Was Rising, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • Scott Mackay, The Avocado Kid, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • S. G. Wong, Movable Type, AB Negative Anthology, Coffin Hop Press
Meilleur roman policier en langue française
  • Luc Chartrand, L'Affaire Myosotis, Québec Amérique
  • Jean-Louis Fleury, L'affaire Céline, Éditions Alire
  • André Jacques, La bataille de Pavie, Druide
  • Jean Lemieux, Le mauvais côté des choses, Québec Amérique
  • Guillaume Morrissette, L'affaire Mélodie Cormier, Guy Saint-Jean éditeur
Best Juvenile/YA Book
  • Robert Hough, Diego’s Crossing, Annick Press
  • Jeff Ross, Set You Free, Orca
  • Kevin Sands, The Blackthorn Key, Aladdin
  • Allan Stratton, The Dogs, Scholastic
  • Stephanie Tromly, Trouble is a Friend of Mine, Kathy Dawson Books
Best Nonfiction Book
  • Gary Garrison, Human on the Inside: Unlocking the Truth about Canada’s Prisons,
    University of Regina Press
  • Dean Jobb, Empire of Deception, HarperCollins Publishers
  • Debra Komar, The Bastard of Fort Stikine: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Murder of John McLoughlin Jr., Goose Lane Editions
  • Jerry Langton, Cold War, Harper Collins Publishers
  • Colleen Lewis and Jennifer Hicks, Mr. Big: The Investigation into the Deaths of Karen and Krista Hart, Flanker Press
The Dundurn Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel
  • Jayne Barnard, When the Flood Falls
  • Alice Bienia, Knight Blind
  • Pam Isfeld, Brave Girls
  • J.T. Siemens, Better the Devil You Know
  • J.G. Toews, Give Out Creek
Congratulations to the Winners
and a quiet toast to my fellow finalists.

Bloody Caesar of course.