Summer Sizzles - Eileen Schuh

School's out for summer. Time to stock up on summer reading material. Imajin Books is celebrating with the Summer Sizzles eBook Sale. I'm celebrating by featuring some of my fellow "Imajineers" during the sale.

Eileen Schuh


One girl, one undercover cop, one dangerous gang…

Thirteen-year-old Katrina is desperate for an adventure, something to numb her pain and loneliness. When Shrug, a giant biker from The Traz gang, asks if she wants a ride, she makes a reckless, life-changing decision.

Vulnerable and grieving, Katrina becomes a target for the gang's abuse—and there's no way to escape. Until she meets Chad, an undercover cop with rich brown eyes, a gentle chuckle and a plan to rescue her. Only one problem. Someone is keeping dangerous secrets from them both.

Meet Katrina

Grieving. Alone. Rich. Beautiful. She’s only thirteen and heading for hell.
Shrug started to speak but, when he caught the look in her eyes, he stopped short. A long silence passed between them before he picked up his coffee cup and drained it. He set the cup down.

“Wanna ride?” he asked, motioning his head toward the Harley.

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