I'd rather be writing but...

I used to have more time to write before I was published.

It's true. Most this is because, once you're published, you have to promote your books. That means appearances at stores, libraries and, if you're very lucky, book clubs. It mean creating, or having created for you, bookmarks and other things you can hand out at these events. And it means maintaining a daily presence on social media.

[Note to writers trying to get published: develop your social media platform now.]

In order to effectively use social media you have to be... well... social. You can't just keep saying "buy my book". You have to engage. And that's another thing that can cut down on writing time.

I know it happens to other authors besides myself. Sometimes I think, I'd rather be engaging via social media than writing. To a person who spends hours alone in front of my computer (since most of my day jobs require it) getting virtually out and connecting with people is a nice change. Where else can an author directly interact with fans and fellow authors on a daily basis?

Social media can be addictive. Fortunately, for me at least, so is writing.

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