Daft, Obtuse, and Hapless

Thank you Matt Groening, wherever you are. 

You created the perfect word for those moments when you realize you've done something totally daft, been ridiculously obtuse or generally hapless. (The acronym was my idea, by the way.)

He, or one of the other writers working on The Simpsons, also came up with one of my favourite word plays when Homer almost hits a deer.

Homer: D'oh!
Marge (screeching): A deer!
Maggie (pedantically): A female deer.

 I've had a few "D'oh" moments this week. The daftest was when I thought the house phone was broken.

My son Kit is painting the kitchen. His prep work was amazing since he cleaned everything, not just the walls. Of course, this has created a new (but temporary mess) in the dining room and pretty much made the kitchen useless for food prep.

Note, in the picture on the right, the coffee maker is set up. The microwave is also plugged in. What wasn't plugged in until a few minutes ago was the phone base, the part that connects all the portable phones to the phone line.

A close second for daftest and the winner of hapless is my inability to remember to post on my own blog site. Maybe it's because I have so many other schedules to keep. Or maybe I don't want to bore you with forced posts. (Yeah! That's the answer... or so I shall maintain from now on.) Nevertheless, it's pretty daft to forget to use your blog to promote a big sale of your ebooks.

D'OH! I still haven't.

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