I Love a Mystery

Books have always been at the top of my Christmas list. I remember the year I put Robert Heinlein's Expanded Universe and Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov on my list and got both... in hardcover. I also remember my boyfriend borrowing the books and never returning them. (I still want them back, Dan!)

When I didn't get any books for Christmas (or I finished them) I'd check out my aunt's paperback collection of mysteries. There was some overlap with the authors my mother collected, but not a lot. I discovered new authors. Unfortunately, they were only new to me and I couldn't always find their books in print. That made it difficult to put them on my next gift list.

I've always loved a good mystery, even if book's genre wasn't Mystery. Having been brought up on Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and Nero Wolfe, I wanted all the authors I read to play fair in the tradition of a Whodunit, whether it was a detective novel or science fiction adventure. 

I also want to like at least one of the protagonists. After all, I don't want to spend a few hours to a few days hanging out with someone I can't stand, or at least understand. 

That pretty much sums up my writing aims: playing fair with the readers and having characters they'll want to spend time with... especially at Christmas.

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