Everyone Loves A Man in Uniform

(All verified purchases and I don't know any of the readers.)

Unusual twist to a spy story
Unwed mother of twins gets involved with spies. Her antics keep this fast paced story going. There is some romance to spice up the pages. Thoroughly enjoyable read--looking forward to more books from this author.

Good book!
Loved getting to know the characters as they developed. Pru was a hoot & took all the events as well as the multiple suitors in stride. I'm hoping there will be more books, in this series.

Well Written Romantic Mystery
This is a well-written mystery/romance about REAL people, which means that the action is not immediate. Complex relationships exist and the characters behave as people in such relationships behave. The Heroine is an author, which normally I don't like because it leads to "inside jokes" and references, leading the book away from story telling. But here, the Heroine's work is part of the reason the plot works so very well. The Hero is a man that I would LOVE to have in my life. This is a Canadian based, police procedural, adventure Romance. I totally enjoyed it.

The book is gentle, with the people behaving like your next door neighbors would. The mystery of who committed the murder is resolved without resort to tricks or literary devices. Writing is neither glamorized nor denigrated.

While the attitude towards marriage seems VERY strange to me, it is presented in a believable manner and may simply be a part of the slower "rush" to involvement in the real world. Or it could be a more "Canadian" approach to involvement. This book totally overcame my reservations about books written by authors from other Countries and cultures. In the past, the differences have been too great to ignore. (It is easy to tell a non-American is writing through the language and slang, even if the author blurb doesn't disclose is.)

I HIGHLY recommend reading this book.

If the person who wrote the last review quoted reads this blog, the attitude toward marriage isn't particularly Canadian. It stems from my mother (though she did marry my father). It's a longish story. If anyone wants to read it, let me know in the comments.


And in other news... The Year of the Chicken so far:

Every year I do an I Ching forecast for me and whoever else happens to be around and is interested. This year I'm at risk for accidents but, in other things, perseverance brings success. ("Perseverance brings success" comes up so often we refer to it as PBS.)

Well the accident warning has proved itself. I've had two falls on the ice and skidded on ice into another car. I'm hoping I'm done with ice and accidents for the year.

On the upside, each of those accidents could have been much worse. Mitigating luck was on my side.

So, why did the chicken cross the road? It better not until spring.