That's Sweet

"Just finished this book and it far exceeded my expectations. Complicated, interesting story line(s) with charismatic characters. My only disappointment is that it’s not part of a series."
Amazon review, 22 June, 2018
This is the first review of Under A Texas Star's second edition. It went up six weeks ago, but I only just saw it.

I don't haunt Amazon in search of my reviews. It's not because of the bad reviews. Under A Texas Star has only had a few and I can usually sympathize with the reader (assuming they've read the book--you can tell when they haven't). Some people don't like complicated story lines. Some don't like the number of characters I play around with. A few have complained the romance wasn't hot enough (the original cover looked like a hot romance). And one person loved the book until the last scene, which she thought was too sexy. ( I agreed with her on that point and the second edition maintains the sweet romance to the end.) The point is, people's tastes vary and so do their expectations.

No, the reason I don't keep looking for new reviews is because there often isn't any. Under A Texas Star is now up to 63 reviews, 50 of which are positive. I've had wonderful feedback on my latest book Ghost Writer, but it only has four posted reviews. I don't know if it's that because people don't leave reviews as much as they used to, or because Amazon doesn't post them. Either way, it's less disheartening to only check now and then.

On the other hand, it makes the good reviews that do come in (see above) all the sweeter... Like Under A Texas Star Second Edition is now. (FYI, the ebook is available now on KDP. The paperback will be available soon.)

This post wasn't going to be about reviews, but since it is, I have a question.
Do you review the ebooks you read:  a) always; b) sometimes; c) only if I liked the book; d) rarely; or e) never?