Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

I got a little behind with my blog. This was supposed to be posted last week. Life and death intervened.

My oldest friend, Nancy, just lost her brother. It was sudden, like a rug being pulled out from under her, at it's also meant that her days have been taken up with the duties of executor instead of Christmas plans. I've been doing my best to help.

Fifteen years ago, that was me and Nancy was helping me with the aftermath of losing my sister. Losing loved ones is always hard, but it's particularly hard near the holidays. It's an emotional roller-coaster and a practical nightmare. It's hard to get things done, but there's so much to do.

Grief sneaks up on you. It still blindsides me from time to time. I'm at the stage where it doesn't hit me so much as gently tap me on the shoulder and remind me that it's still there. It also reminds me to cherish the family and friends I still have in my life.

To all of you, my best wishes for a happy holiday and a safe, healthy and prosperous new year.

Now for the Boxing Day part...

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She has to deal with two kinds of spooks: spies and ghosts.

But which one is trying to kill her?

Jen Kirby has seen ghosts since she was a child, but she can’t talk to them or help them cross over. And, after a violent death in the family, she doesn’t want to see them anymore.

In her role as ghostwriter, Jen joins a Canadian Arctic expedition to document and help solve a forty-year-old mystery involving an American submarine station lost during the Cold War. The trouble is, there are people—living and dead—who don't want the story told, and they’ll do anything to stop her.
Now Jen is haunted by ghosts she can’t avoid or handle alone. That means confiding in the one man she doesn’t want to dismiss her as “crazy.” But can he help? Or is he part of the problem?

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