Coming Out of Hibernation

 25 September 2021

I feel like I've been in hibernation all summer. Between the COVID and the wildfires, I haven't been able to go out much. If the air quality didn't keep me in, the heat did. And COVID kept me away form the places I would normally have gone to cool off outdoors.

After Labour Day, I had to come out of my cave.

As well as being an author and Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada, I'm an Adult School Crossing Guard. In the last two years I've spent more time off the corner than on. Usually the hard part about returning to the corner after summer is getting used to holding my arms out and walking back and forth and back and forth. This year that was easy. This year it was being out in the sun that was tough. It was exhausting.

Now I can handle the sun (for an hour at a time) but I'm not sure about stores. I haven't been in a store bigger than our local pharmacy in eighteen months.

That will be my next hurdle.