Mark Break Breakdown


 March Break, 2023. My kids are grown so it only applies to me as I'm still working as a Crossing Guard. Only me in the house, that is. I shared the joy of school being out for a week with the kids going home on Friday.

Not having to get up early for a week gives me time to get over my annual grump about Daylight Savings Time. That's not easy. I was finally starting to get up in a bit of daylight and now it will be dark when my alarm goes off next Monday morning. My heart goes out to the commuters this week. <3

March Break is also a good time to do my taxes. I probably won't though. Or if I do, I'll leave it to the weekend. 

To do my taxes I have to go through my paperwork. That isn't easy. I have two tiers to my desk, the work tier, where papers are organized into pocket folders and are mostly backed up digitally on my computer, and my personal tier. That consists of a bunch of envelopes roughly sorted by category, and a stack of papers to be filed. Who wants to face that during March Break?

What I should be doing is writing. That's the proper pursuit of an author who has had a rather long dry spell. So here I am. 

It's a start.