Bonnie McCune is Obsessed with Disasters


By Bonnie McCune

Disasters crowd my fiction. In my most recent novel, Never Retreat, a massive flash flood threatens not only the heroine and hero but also an entire group from their office, up in the mountains on a corporate retreat. In other works, one heroine faces a major crisis—a malfunctioning hot water heater that floods her apartment and threatens explosion. In another, the heroine and her family are caught in an extreme winter blizzard with no heat or lights. In still another, a forest fire spreads more heat and danger than the love story.

As the writer, I ask myself why I’m obsessed with disasters. I didn’t realize I relied heavily on terrible events occurring in my books until the fourth manuscript. That’s when I began wondering if something deeper than simply action for the plot underlay my manuscripts.

Two reasons occur to me. The first was writing itself. A disaster allows me, the writer, to compress action into a short time to keep th…

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